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Japan: Cars, Anime, Friends, Wonder - a Dogapult Trip Part 2

Greetings, Oppo! Welcome to Part 2 of the Dogapult Japan Trip

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Day 2 (August 9th): Airports
Got into Narita airport around 3pm. Had to go pick up my friend at Haneda Airport, as he had been coming from Europe. That turned into a bit of a mess as I struggled a little bit with the trains, but in the end, I made it!

We headed out into the evening, just looking around at all the cool stuff. For him, it was the first time he’d been in Japan. We stumbled across someone who had bought a C7 Corvette over there, which was very interesting. In Japan, you have to pay a tax related to engine size. A friend of mine worked it out that the owner of the C7 would be paying nearly $1100US in “engine size” tax every year!

Some of the photos on this trip are credit: Maurizio, my friend who was with me on the trip. He took an “actual” camera.

After walking around for a couple hours, it felt pretty late. So we went to the capsule hotel we were staying at in Okachimachi and went to sleep in our respective capsules. (no pictures in the capsule rooms, but here’s the name)

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