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Japan: Cars, Anime, Friends, Wonder - a Dogapult Trip Part 1

As a few of you may know, recently I hit the streets of Japan for some good old-fashioned tourism with a friend of mine. Going there for some cool car stuff, as well as some anime things as well.

(but don’t worry, they’ll be well toned-down for the purposes of Oppo.)

Day 1 (August 8th): The Flight

With the help of Tohru, I made it to Chicago airport on time, and didn’t have to pay exorbitant parking fees.

Surprisingly, at the airport there was no one in the security line.
“Wait a minute, Dogapult.” you say, “You mean the line was short, right?”
No, dear readers, I mean there was NO ONE in the security line. Blazed right through.

Getting them to print “Dogapult” on my ticket. now that was tricky!

Getting on the flight was simple enough, too. Everything seemed to be coming up Milhouse!

And it did!

Setting up my GoPro to do a time lapse of the entire flight was fun.(I’m not quite done editing that, so it’ll get its own post when it’s done)

I had all my extensions attached to my camera to keep them from getting lost.

And luckily, this didn’t upset the flight attendants too much, although I did have to take it off the window during takeoff.

So that’s Day 1! I figure instead of doing a massive post with the whole trip, I’ll just upload one day per day.

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