As seen on Jalopnik!
As seen on Jalopnik!
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Camaraderie of the Road

It’s always interesting to me how people can form a bond together without ever speaking to each other, over a shared automotive interest. An example of it happened last night.

I was heading down to the Chicago Auto Show last night, on I-94 in Northern Illinois. Traffic was light, Waze was running, and the Bonneville’s cruise was locked at an approximation of the speed limit. Suddenly, with a (possibly imagined) sound of muffled Eurobeat playing, I was passed by a late-model Toyota Camry. Being of poor impulse control and not looking forward to the rest of the drive, I decided to follow him. I won’t go into details for obvious reasons, but my ETA and fuel economy for the trip both got smaller while enjoyment of the drive increased greatly.


At one point, traffic got busier and we ended up next to each other. We both glanced at each other and gave a thumbs-up. At his exit (shortly before the congestion on the Dan Ryan), he rolled down his window to wave to me before he exited.

To the bearded gentleman driving the silver Camry with a dented quarter-panel and Bergstrom license plate frame, thank you for the drive last night. I’d love to buy you a beer sometime.

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